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Hamaura Suisan Dried firefly squid [square cut menu item]

Hamaura Suisan Dried firefly squid [square cut menu item]

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When speaking of Toyama, the first thing that comes to mind is firefly squid.
This product was developed by Hamaura Suisan so that you can easily eat firefly squid all year round!
I dried it with a cold air dryer using only natural salt and firefly squid.
It's simple, but the flavor of firefly squid is condensed without spoiling the taste of the ingredients!
The cotton at the tip of the little finger is a little soft and not completely dry. If you lightly toast that part with a lighter and put it in your mouth, the sweetness of the flesh and the faint bitterness and aroma of the cotton will spread in your mouth! The deliciousness that you can't stop eating once you start eating "one more..."!
It is also sold at JR Uozu Station, etc., and is very popular with tourists, and many businessmen who come to Uozu on their way home from work are repeat customers.
For those who drink alcohol, but also for those who love snacks, please try our most popular products at least once!

Ingredients: firefly squid, salt Expiration date: 60 days from date of manufacture Storage precautions: Refrigeration required Contents: 25g
* Contents have changed on April 1, 2023.

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