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Kodakara Daiginjo plum wine

Kodakara Daiginjo plum wine

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Kodakara liqueur uses high-quality fruits from Yamagata, the kingdom of fruit trees, and is based on the concept of "edible fruit liqueur". It's a liqueur.
Based on Tatenogawa's daiginjo, which is carefully brewed in a small amount during the cold season, it is the finest kodakara liqueur with a high-quality feel that is made by pickling "Nanko Ume" from Wakayama Prefecture for a long time.
Enjoy the clean and rich flavor of plums and the high-quality flavor of daiginjo on the rocks or chilled.

capacity: 720ml/1800ml
Manufacturer: Tatenokawa Sake Brewery

Alcohol: 13%

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