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Daisen Special Pure Rice Sake Iitokodori

Daisen Special Pure Rice Sake Iitokodori

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A blend of 4 types of sake, including a blend of pure rice ginjo Miyamanishiki 50% raw sake.
In addition, a rich sake made with Tosui is also blended. After that, it is pasteurized with a pasteurizer.

As a result, we have achieved a sake quality that can be enjoyed cold or hot. To symbolize this sake quality,
It has a design of a wine glass representing cold sake and a sake cup representing hot sake.
With a scent reminiscent of grapes (kyoho) and blueberries,
A soft liquor with a very mellow mouthfeel and gentle umami. After putting it in your mouth,
A constant volume feeling continues and the balance is good, and the taste will make you say "Oh!"
The aftertaste has a juicy acidity and a long aftertaste, so you can enjoy it “cold” or “hot”.

Capacity: 720ml / 1800ml
Kato Kahachiro Sake Brewery
Alcohol: 15

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