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Oyama "Sakuya Konohana"

Oyama "Sakuya Konohana"

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Satoya “Noshiume” x Oyama “Tosui”
Plum wine "Sakuya Konohana" collaborated with a long-established Yamagata store
<600 initial production>
In order to fully bring out the flavor of the plums, it had to be a liquor that harmonized with the strong and delicate taste of the plums.
The fine umami of the high-concentration preparation carefully wraps the plum flavor, resulting in a unique finish with a delicate, sharp and deep flavor. The scent of fully ripened plums of “Noshiume” spreads throughout your mouth.
Please enjoy the masterpieces created by the long-established collaboration that embodies the tradition of learning from the past, where you can feel the materials and techniques of Yamagata.

Capacity: 720ml
Manufacturer: Kahachiro Kato Sake Brewery x Satoya

Alcohol: 12%

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