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Tabletop Sake Warmer Kanmakase (Set of 2 Aluminum Chirori)

Tabletop Sake Warmer Kanmakase (Set of 2 Aluminum Chirori)

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"Kanmakase," a tabletop sake warmer that boils in hot water

You can easily enjoy hot sake at home.

■Professional-approved hot sake at home
Incorporating the opinions of sake experts, we have commercialized "Kanmakase" under the supervision of Kamikame Brewery, which promotes the appeal of sake, in order to achieve hot sake that is recognized by professionals.

■ How to drink your favorite in 5 modes
Turn the switch to set the desired temperature. The lamp lights red and heating starts. A beep will sound when the set temperature is reached.
Hitohadakan: About 4-6 minutes
Warmed lukewarm: about 6-8 minutes
Jokan: about 7-9 minutes
Hot sake: about 8-10 minutes
Hirezake: About 11-13 minutes
*This is the estimated time when using two aluminum tyroli.
The cooking time may differ from the standard depending on the number and materials of the containers used, room temperature, water temperature, etc.
※In Hirezake mode, the power turns off automatically when the set temperature is reached.

You can also warm sake bottles and bottles
If it is the size that fits in the main body, you can warm it with a tokkuri or a 300ml bottle.
*Sake bottle is not included.

■ Hot water bath type that is less likely to cause unevenness
In order to meet the demand for easy and authentic warming, we have adopted a hot water bath system with automatic temperature control. You can slowly warm the whole thing in a hot water bath to bring out the umami without spoiling the taste.

■ 2-hour heat retention function included
After maintaining the set temperature for a certain period of time, the power will automatically turn off.
*Even if the power turns off automatically, after use, please return the switch to [OFF] and unplug the power cord.
* Only [Hirezake] will automatically turn off when the set temperature is reached.
*Because the temperature is adjusted by detecting the temperature of the water in the main unit, the heat retention time may differ from the above depending on the conditions such as the water temperature at the start of heating and room temperature.

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