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Dewazakura Dry landscape garden Eternal wind

Dewazakura Dry landscape garden Eternal wind

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In 1984, Dewazakura started selling “3-year low-temperature aged sake Karesansui”.
With the philosophy of "beautiful aging at low temperature", 36 years after its release, the zodiac has "three times".
We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your patronage over the years.
From "Showa" to "Heisei" to "Reiwa", the times change at a dizzying pace, and the world is in a hurry.
Aged sake has the charm of deep taste that makes you feel relieved.
In such a difficult world, I want you to spend a relaxing time with your loved ones.
With such thoughts, we will release the 36th anniversary sake "Dewazakura Karesansui Yukyu no Kaze".
In accordance with the philosophy of "beautiful aging at low temperatures", we slowly and carefully nurtured sake at low temperatures for 30 years.
We would appreciate it if you could fully feel the virtuosity called "aging" that can only be achieved by the passage of time.

capacity: 720ml/1800ml
Manufacturer: Dewazakura Sake Brewery

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