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Dewazakura All Japan New Sake Appraisal Gold Award Winner Daiginjo (with wooden box) [R5 Gold Award Winning Sake]

Dewazakura All Japan New Sake Appraisal Gold Award Winner Daiginjo (with wooden box) [R5 Gold Award Winning Sake]

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Thinking about the history of ginjo sake and the traditional techniques...
"National New Sake Appraisal Gold Award Winning Sake" This is the second release from Dewazakura following last year.

■ Quantity "super" limited release
"Daiginjo, the gold prize winner of the 2020 National New Sake Appraisal," is a collection of the best techniques of Dewazakura. We have received many requests for sales, and we will release a special limited edition, although it is very small. We hope that you will fully feel the spirit of the brewers and the breath of Japanese culture.

■ Traditional craftsmanship by local brewers
Dewazakura was founded in 1892 (Meiji 25) as a brewer of sake "Hakubai". "Dewazakura" was a brand name used only for some high-class sake at that time.
Since our founding, we have continued to brew sake that is completely hand-made with love by local brewers.
The technique, which is honed at the National New Sake Appraisal, is a guidepost that illuminates the endless road of sake brewing. We have improved the technique of daiginjo making, which is the highest peak, and apply it to other sake.

■ Dewazakura's endless "challenge"
Looking back on the history of Dewazakura as we approach our 130th anniversary, it is nothing less than a history of "challenges."
At a time when "Ginjoshu" was not yet popular and was only for kanpyokai, we were the first to sell it on the market. We have earned a reputation as a pioneer who opened up the future of ginjo sake.
It is precisely because we continue to take on challenges that our skills are refined, and it is precisely because we refine our skills that we are able to continue to take on challenges.

Daiginjo pasteurization
Alcohol: 18 degrees
Sake degree: ±0
Acidity: 1.3
Raw material rice: Yamada Nishiki 100%
Rice polishing ratio: 35%
Yeast used: Ogawa yeast
Capacity: 720ml (with wooden box)
Sales number: 130 limited

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