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Itsutsubashi Junmai Sake 150th Anniversary Sake

Itsutsubashi Junmai Sake 150th Anniversary Sake

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This is the 150th anniversary sake of Sakai Sake Brewery (Yamaguchi Prefecture) of the "Itsutsubashi" brand.
Following the manufacturing method at the time of its founding, it is brewed using low-polishing (80% rice-polishing ratio), kimoto-zukuri, and wooden-barrel brewing. Especially noteworthy is the "yeast" used.
It was in 1906 (Meiji 39) that the Brewing Association of Japan began distributing the "No. 1 yeast" as an excellent yeast for sake brewing. Prior to that, we used "Saccharomyces Sake" (separated from sake mash by Mr. Norimoji Yabe in 1895), which was certified as the oldest sake yeast in Japan.
This is a limited-edition sake that was carefully brewed to bring it closer to the sake quality image of the early Meiji era, and with the thoughts of our predecessors for 150 years.
Get tipsy while tracing the history of sake yeast in the long autumn nights.

capacity: 720ml
manufacturer: Sakai Sake Brewery

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