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Kurozaemon Daiginjo Snow Goddess

Kurozaemon Daiginjo Snow Goddess

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Yamagata Prefecture's latest sake brewing rice [Yamazake No. 104] (Snow Goddess) is a Daiginjo sake that has been polished to 40%.
Yamagata Prefecture's first Daiginjo rice suitable for sake brewing.
It is a breed that crosses Yamagata Prefecture's [Dewanosato] for its father and Miyagi Prefecture's [Kura no Hana] for its mother.
Although it is large, it does not break easily even when it is shaved down to the heart white.
This is a high-quality daiginjo that is beautiful, delicate, soft and gorgeous.

capacity: 720ml
Manufacturer: Shindo Sake Brewery
Alcohol: 16%

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