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Sangenjaya Doburoku ~Chocolate~

Sangenjaya Doburoku ~Chocolate~

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This one was created in collaboration with CRAFT CHOCOLATE WORKS, a craft chocolate specialty store that has a workshop near the brewery.
<<CRAFT CHOCOLATE WORKS>> manufactures chocolate using a consistent manufacturing method (bean to bar), from purchasing cacao beans to roasting cacao beans and making chocolate bars through various processes. By adding vanilla beans to cacao nibs from Uganda, which are characterized by a beautiful flavor with few unpleasant tastes, chocolate doburoku with a rich aroma is completed!
By using multi-malt brewing with a high proportion of koji, you can bring out the rich sweetness of rice without any additives, and enjoy the richness and aftertaste of cacao that is added to it.
For those who like alcohol, please don't miss it as a Valentine's gift.

Capacity: 720ml
Alcohol: 8%

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