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Yoko Lemon [Limited Edition]

Yoko Lemon [Limited Edition]

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◎ Last summer very popular ◎
Yoko limited flavor “Lemon” is back!

Exciting, sweet and sour, rich.
Yogurt and lemon are a perfect match.
Straight and on the rocks that have been chilled are delicious.
Soda wari is cool and stimulating on a hot day.

From “citrusfarms Tamichiya” in Setoda-cho, Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture, we ordered pesticide-free lemons with edible skins and adopted them as flavor. It has a fresh and stimulating taste.
* Regarding solidification and separation
If you add lemon juice or citric acid to yogurt, it may solidify and separate.
This is due to the substance called pectin contained in the peel of citrus fruits, and there is no problem with the quality. Shake well and drink.

■Raw materials
Yogurt, distilled alcohol, lemon juice, fructose
Alcohol content: 8 degrees

capacity: 720ml
Tatenokawa Sake Brewery
Alcohol: 8%

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