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Sun Souffle Rosé (foaming)

Sun Souffle Rosé (foaming)

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Antioxidant-free, unfiltered
Made with 100% high-quality Muscat Berry Type A from Yamagata Prefecture, and brewed with "San Souffle" that does not use sulfites. By bottling the fermenting wine and continuing the fermentation in the bottle, we use the ancestral method to dissolve the gas produced by the yeast into the wine.
A sparkling rosé wine with a strong flavor.
This wine was made using grapes from a cultivation group in Tendo City, where Takeda Winery has been asking us to grow Muscat Berry A for many years. We use the ancestral method, in which the wine is fermented using "Saint Soufflé", which does not use sulfites, and the yeast produces gas to create a sparkling wine. A dry rosé wine with fine natural bubbles that bring out the gorgeous aroma of the red fruit of Berry A, and a sharp, fresh acidity. Also, by bottling without filtration, the turbidity derived from the grapes remains, giving it a special flavor.
Please enjoy the pure flavor that does not use antioxidants and does not use filtration, and the lively taste that has been nurtured in each bottle.

[Caution when opening]
Chill well before opening, and do not shake or shake the bottle. Due to the high gas pressure in the bottle, bubbles and liquid are ejected. Place your hand on the crown part in a sink, open it little by little while removing the gas, and remove the crown when it is settled.
Because it is unfiltered, you can see turbidity derived from grapes and lumps of crystals called tartar. There is no problem with quality. Please enjoy with confidence.

Capacity: 750ml
Takeda Winery
type: Rosé Taste: dry / medium alcohol: 10.4%

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