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Woody Rouge 2018

Woody Rouge 2018

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Merlot, which has long been a red wine brand, will change from 2018.
As a result of many considerations of improving and harmonizing the taste, we decided to increase the ratio of varieties other than Merlot and blend.
I was. Of course, it was difficult to make a decision, probably because of my affection for the product, which was also named [Merlot].
Ultimately, what was decided based on the taste will encourage great development in the wines from the next year onwards.
Since it has been stored in the cellar for more than two years since bottling, it has a mature and calm impression. mild acidity
Coupled with the size, many people will feel like [soup]. No scents belonging to the primary aroma remain.
However, you can enjoy the multi-layered taste that combines the aged incense and barrel incense from the beginning of its release. Rich and
is the opposite of the taste, but Woody does not force anything that is not in the vintage.
A wine that reflects pride.

capacity: 750ml
woody farm
Type: Red Flavor: Dry / Medium alcohol: 10.7%

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