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Albariño 2020

Albariño 2020

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The heavy rainfall in July was a concern, but the more than usual August sunshine yielded wonderfully ripe Albariños.
Yields of 1.5 tonnes of fully ripe yellow saplings are whole bunch pressed after cooling overnight. Being blessed with VT and being a young tree succeeded
Although the increase in sugar content was necessary and sufficient, there were concerns about the increase in ㏗ and the loosening of the acid, so we considered blending with petit mansin at an early stage.
I am making Oxidative juice treatment, open tanks, neutral yeast selection to make varietal character “neat” rather than “emphasized”
Like you, we are managing fermentation for about a month. After a while after fermentation, the undiluted Petit Manseng whiskey was fermented and brewed in a separate frame.
By blending 13%, a three-dimensional acidity and body were born. After blending, no batonage is allowed, and the lees are nua.
After 5 months of racking and bottling to avoid lingering. The scent and taste of condensed fruit are
It consists of a blend of individuality and individuality of varieties that can only be produced in the Minoyama Basin.

capacity: 750ml
woody farm
Type: White Flavor: Dry / Fruity alcohol: 13.5%

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