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Yuzu Liquor

Yuzu Liquor

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Luxurious yuzu sake blended with Japanese sake from Umenoyado using domestic yuzu juice. Yuzu is produced in various areas in Japan, mainly in Shikoku and Kyushu. The fruit juice itself is carefully blended so that the aroma, sourness, oil content, and bitterness melt together in an exquisite balance. The amount of yuzu juice used is 1,800 ml, which is about 19 pieces. By using a low-temperature blend that does not impair the flavor of the juice, we have created a liqueur with a refreshing flavor and sourness unique to yuzu. It has a faint sweetness, but you can enjoy it deliciously by adding honey. * Monde Selection 2011 and 2012 gold award winning sake for two consecutive years.

capacity: 720ml/1800ml
Manufacturer: Umenoyado Sake Brewery

Alcohol: 8%

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