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Yamato Sakura Pure Rice Sake Medaka Rice

Yamato Sakura Pure Rice Sake Medaka Rice

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``Sato Sajiemon'' inherits ancient traditions and produces soft sake. This sake is brewed using 100% "Haenuki" rice, which is dried at room temperature with reduced pesticides, in consideration of the environment in which medaka can grow.
In Shonai Town in 1999, a town-wide conservation effort began in response to a call from local elementary school students who wanted to save the endangered killifish (black killifish).Currently, a non-profit organization run by local farmers is working to conserve the endangered killifish (black killifish). We manage the pond and release killifish into the paddy fields (channels) every year with local elementary school students.The ``medaka rice'' grown there. The Junmai sake brewed with this rice is a rice and alcoholic beverage that takes into consideration the environment and food safety.

Capacity: 720ml
manufacturer: Sato Sajiemon

Alcohol: 15%

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