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Yonezuru First Drinking Selection Sake 2023 Limited Sake

Yonezuru First Drinking Selection Sake 2023 Limited Sake

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[Reservation reception] Released on Saturday, July 15, 5th year of Reiwa

Carefully selected by sake professionals!
This summer, we will deliver the best sake from the brewery "Yonetsuru Sake Brewery"!

*Yonetsuru Sake Brewery is a gold prize winner of the 2020 National New Sake Appraisal.

For this sake, members of the Japan Prestigious Sake Association gather at the Yonezuru brewery to hold a "first drink*" to examine the finish of the sake at this time and guide customers to the best sake. .
The selection method is to taste sake from 5 brewed sake in a completely blind manner and vote.
(From our shop, the store manager and two staff members participated.)
The noteworthy taste is a well-balanced finish with a fresh and mellow mouthfeel, rich umami and a sharp aftertaste.
This summer, we are proud to recommend this item, so please check it out!

*Hatsudomi-kiri: A regular event to check the maturity of the tank.

capacity: 720ml / 1800ml
Yonezuru Sake Brewery

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