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2 pieces of smoked pickled radish [Kakuuchi menu item]

2 pieces of smoked pickled radish [Kakuuchi menu item]

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Iburigakko, Akita's specialty, is rich in flavor and is made using an old-fashioned method, with no added chemical seasonings or preservatives.
The crispy texture, smoky aroma, and the subtle sweetness and deep flavor that spreads the more you bite into it, you'll be addicted to it. The soft and full flavor of the sake wraps around the smoky flavor of the iburi gakko, giving it a deep aftertaste.
It goes well not only chilled, but also with hot sake and barrel sake.
You can also enjoy it with mayonnaise or cream cheese.

Ingredients: Radish (produced in Akita Prefecture), pickled ingredients (salt, rice bran, sugar, honey)
Best before date: 180 days from date of manufacture Storage precautions: Store at room temperature

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